What Services to Look for with Promotional Products

Promotional products are a great way for businesses of any size to increase their customer base while keeping their advertising costs down. Because promotional products can be just about anything that has your logo, phone number, and website on it, it’s important that the promotional products are high-quality items. So, how do you distinguish between a solid promotional product and a junky one? The answer usually lies with the distributer. When checking out promotional product suppliers, there are some services that the quality ones provide. These include:

Promotional Products in Cambridge, ON

  • Distribution: When you have an event coming up or are looking for promotional products that you can hand out on a regular basis, you need these to be easily accessible and packed in a way that they can be easily distributed.
  • Fulfillment: One of the most frustrating things is finding out that your order wasn’t filled correctly or worse, wasn’t filled at all! A good promotional product company will keep fulfilment of its services constantly in mind to keep customer satisfaction high. A good promotional product company will not just have a few products for you to choose from, but will also be able to find the ones that might be a little out of the ordinary.
  • Warehousing: Having the option to store some of your promotional products is a fantastic one, especially if you have a large event coming up and don’t have the space to store 6,000 t-shirts! A company that provides warehousing can be a little harder to find, but invaluable.

If you’re looking for these services and more, look to Universal Sourcing Inc. for all your promotional product needs.