Unique Ways to Personalize Promotional Apparel

Promotional apparel is a great way to showcase your brand with something that will get a good amount of visibility. Giving away promotional apparel that people will wear for many years or months to come can get your brand out there in an easy and consistently-used method. If you really want people’s attention, personalize your promotional apparel in a few unique ways:

  • Play with placement. When you have something simple like a t-shirt, you really want to make the brand stand out by doing something different than placing your logo over the pocket. Instead, try putting a larger logo on the stomach and integrate it into the design of the t-shirt. You could also play with putting your business motto on the sleeves or logo on the back of the neck.
    Giving away promotional apparel that people will wear for many years
  • Customize the apparel to your brand. Go one step further with promotional apparel by syncing the apparel with something your target audience would wear naturally. For example, athletic companies would do well to customize promotional apparel like gym bags, moisture-wicking t-shirts, or even shoelaces. School districts or conventions would do well with tote bags or headbands to wear.
  • Keep it classic with a twist.¬†With promotional apparel, you want to be unique, but also create a product that a majority of people will feel comfortable wearing. Sticking to promotional apparel that is clean and simple will have a good impact on a large number of people.

At Universal Sourcing Inc., we help people with their promotional apparel needs all the time. We would love to help you as well! Give us a call for unique and fun twists on traditional promotional apparel ideas.