Think You Know Everything About Pencils? Think Again.

Pencils are in use across the country every day. You have probably been using a pencil ever since you were a child. For some people, that might feel like a long time. You may think you are a pencil expert, but there is a certain type of pencil you may have never even heard of! We’re talking about carpenter pencils.

Think You Know Everything About Pencils? Think Again.

Carpenter pencils are an interesting and unique utensil. They offer special additional features that a traditional pencil and even the new-fangled mechanical pencil do not have.

Carpenter pencils are traditionally used in the carpentry trade, hence their name. However, they are commonly used in several settings by builders and contractors. What makes these pencils more useful for building projects? Here are a few reasons:

  1. Carpenter pencils aren’t round: The first thing that sets carpenter pencils apart from other pencil types is their shape. They are square rather than rounded. This means they stay wherever you place them so they aren’t rolling around on a building site.
  2. Carpenter pencils are ideal for wood: One of the reasons contractors and carpenters use these pencils is because they easily draw on wood. This makes them a useful tool to have while building furniture or even walls and beams on a construction site.
  3. Carpenter pencils are precise: Another reason contractors love these pencils is because they are built for precision. They make it easy to draw the precise lines that are necessary for the careful, detailed work that goes on in building projects. 

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