For Promotional Carpenter Pencils, Make Sure to Include a Carpenter Pencil Holder!

carpenter pencil holders that actually attach to a smallPromoting your brand and company can be done in a myriad of ways nowadays. Not only are there the traditional forms of advertising like television, radio, and billboards, but there are also more subtle and creative ways to advertise, like using promotional items. Promotional items can be handed out at conferences, meetings, and even in gift bags. Something that is unexpected and pleasantly useful that we have found to be popular at Universal Sourcing Inc. is the carpenter pencil. If you are going to use the carpenter pencil as a promotional item, be sure to also include a carpenter pencil holder!

Carpenter pencils are incredibly useful, and not just in carpentry. Artists enjoy them for their ability to hold and draw easily. Children enjoy learning to write with them because they are larger in size than regular pencils and help create an ideal finger grip for little hands. Woodworkers enjoy them because they were built specifically to meet the demands of woodworking! Carpenter pencil holders that you supply along with your carpenter pencils can make your carpenter pencils that much more accessible to your target demographic.

With the variety of carpenter pencil holders out there, you have many different options when including them with your carpenter pencils as part of promotional items. There are carpenter pencil holders that actually attach to a small, retractable string so that you never again have to worry about where your pencil got off to! Here at Universal Sourcing Inc., we want to help you with all your carpenter pencil holders. Give us a call today for more information!