Beneficial Features of Carpenter Pencils That Make Them Perfect Promotional Items

With so many options out there for promotional items, you can put your name or logo on just about anything these days! Here at Universal Sourcing Inc., we know this fact more than most because that is what we do here. We enjoy helping people showcase their brands in fun and different ways, but a surprising frontrunner has come into the spotlight as of late that many people are shocked to find out how much they enjoy this item. What is it? The carpenter pencil.

carpenter pencils for their unique features

Carpenter pencils have many beneficial features that actually make them perfect for promotional items. For starters, carpenter pencils are made to handle the rough and tumble environment of a tool bag without breaking or chipping away. This makes them the perfect addition to conferences or meetings where lots of promotional items or information will be handed out and carried around.

In addition to their durability, carpenter pencils are flat, which means that when you set a carpenter pencil down, it’s not going to roll away. The ability to find a pencil when you need one is something that many of us lack, which means that your carpenter pencil is about to become someone’s favorite pencil. Furthermore, the flat surface makes a perfect canvas for a larger logo, motto, or information about your company.

Many people enjoy carpenter pencils for their unique features, and they aren’t all carpenters! Artists, children, and anyone who needs a durable pencil can enjoy the carpenter pencils that you offer as a promotional item. Contact us today and let’s talk about using carpenter pencils to promote your business!